I agree with the others, gc would be better. ESP bc it's a wedding present. While LV is fab and you're great for the thought, LV doesn't say 'here build your new life rogether'. If she was into bags maybe it would be different. GL! louis vuitton purse


Congrats! louis vuitton

,I think it looks big....but it's really a matter of personal preference so if you love it, rock it! louis vuitton,Congrats! Every time I see a reveal of this bag makes me want one in Fusain. ,
I would probably get the Coach, only because I like a bag with a secure closure. But if you like the open top of the Galliera, sounds like that's what you really want! I don't think you can go wrong with either one. louis vuitton outlet
,i guys, i just got mine from ebay, and i love it, its' pre-owned but looks just great, plus not so old, it was made just 10 years ago and i got it for such louis vuitton shop,

ard to do...1. LE Alligator trimmed mongrammed Mahina (I have been rocking this for weeks.)2. Blanc Sac Louis (sadly she hasn't seen the light of day for a minute..but I must pull her out)3. ManCrazy4. F/W 06 Leapord Stephan (still... HOT.TO.DEATH! This bag will never age to me...)5. F/W 07 Shearling Storm (still my ride or die handbag when the weathe

Tivoli lv bag

I absolutely love this bag. I was going to get the Artsy but I will wait for this one. I love the zippers! Anyone know the US price on the GM? Thanks so much! louis vuitton


Sell it! lv bag


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